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About Us

Otter Creek Potters is a local Lewis County pottery studio emphasizing wheel thrown functional porcelain and stoneware pots made with an artistic flare. Owner Jeanne Cole, from Toothacre Pottery, and fellow local potter Liz Hirschey, from Blazing Saddles Pottery, focus on creating uniquely handmade one of a kind ceramic pieces. Everything made in the studio is microwaveable, dish washer safe, oven safe, and food safe. The Otter Creek Pottery gallery offers a diverse choice for gifts. Interested pottery enthusiasts are encouraged to call to visit the studio and gallery all year round.

The studio is set up to be a hobby pottery studio with lessons and rental artist space. The studio is bright and airy with five pottery wheels, an electric kiln, and an expansive choice of glazes. Due to the potters’ dual love of riding their horses on the local Otter Creek Horse Park Trails, the potters actively throw their pottery from Columbus Day through mud season. Then they play in their wonderful Adirondack Park the rest of the year.


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Each piece of stoneware and porcelain pottery is made to be functional. Most pieces have been wheel thrown. Many are altered to make them unique and desirable. The work is fired to cone 5/6 in the electric kiln. The glazes are food safe.

You will see bowls, mugs, casserole dishes, platters, butter dishes, lidded pots, pitchers, soap dishes, spoon rests, planters, and vases. The potters are always looking for new things to make. No pots are mold made so each pot is one of a kind.

The studio is always trying new glaze combinations. That is why a person needs to come to the gallery to see and handle the pottery!

Text 315-804-4488 or fill out our contact form to schedule a visit!

Lessons & Studio Information

The studio can cater to one or two people who want to try their hand at throwing a pot on the wheel. That usually involves a four hour session to throw and a two hour trimming session the next day or two. The final one hour glazing session happens when the bisque firing is done—that may be 6 weeks later. The cost is $85/ student.

One on one instruction costs $55 to $75 per session. A student’s goal is to work independently and become a renter. This is a home/studio so occasional help is usually available.

The studio offers renter opportunities for the independent potter. Rent is $80/ month and each bag of clay (brown stoneware or porcelain) is $55. The purchase of clay covers glazing costs.
The goal is to open up pottery to the local area and tailor a student’s growth according to their progress.

Text 315-804-4488 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment!
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